JOINT apprenticeship committee FOR THE plumbing AND pipe fitting industry

Sacramento - Yolo District

 What is a Plumber?
Plumbers work with various materials and fixtures use in installation, removal, maintenance, extension and alteration of a plumbing system. Plumbing systems include: all sanitary drainage, storm drainage facilities, special wastes, vent systems, public or private water systems and gas piping, within or adjacent to any building.

What is a Pipe Fitter?

Pipe Fitters (Steam Fitters) are employed for the installation of piping on new construction and existing plant maintenance, or modernization projects, in all types of industrial plants, office/commercial buildings, hospitals, research facilities and other projects.
Pipe Fitters install piping of all sizes, and in a variety of materials, including: carbon steel, copper, cast iron, plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel and other special alloys and types. Pipe Fitters are often certified in welding.

What is an Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Mechanic?

An Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Mechanic Apprentice, works for a Refrigeration Contractor in the maintenance and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration units.